It looks like Donald Trump’s careless retweeting has caught up to him again, this time sharing a tweet with his over 6 million followers from what looks like a Benito Mussolini parody account designed to mock Donald Trump.

The account — @ilduce2016 — not only includes Mussolini’s nickname in the handle, but also has a picture of Mussolini with Trump’s hair as its avatar. All the tweets sent by @ilduce2016 are actually quotes from the Italian fascist, but list Donald Trump as the source:

Trump then retweeted it, apparently not catching that he was quoting from an account designed to mock him:

And Tweeters piled on:

Screenshot for if/when it gets deleted:

Screenshot 2016-02-28 at 7

Update. Gawker is taking credit for the Mussolini parody account: