In case you were waiting for Lena Dunham to finally weigh in on Donald Trump, here you go:

Dunham delivers as expected, telling Donald Trump in an open letter that Ivanka has her “remarkable life” thanks to “family planning”:

So, Donald Trump, a few more questions for you: Do you understand that your daughter has the remarkable life she does because she had access to excellent medical care and family planning? She had the choice to have two children once she was already married to a high-earning partner, her own career in full bloom.

So women like Ivanak can only make the right choices if they have wealthy fathers or wealthy husbands? Nice try, but nope.

And who the hell thinks it’s OK for Dunham to give parenting advice???

Dunham then questioned what Trump would think if someone judged Ivanka the same way he judged women (we assume Dunham means Trump’s comments on Megyn Kelly and Carly Fiorina):

Donald Trump, you seem to take pride in Ivanka’s professional achievements, and she holds a position at your company in addition to her namesake fashion lines—by the way, she makes some very chic bags. Do you understand that, as a businesswoman, she will be constantly facing and may already deal with the possibility of making less for doing as good a job? Would you like it if your own daughter’s merits were assessed by someone like you, someone who thought her looks and her sexual choices and the very sound of her voice were fair game?

Over to you, Donald. The response could be epic…