It took as awhile to figure out what the anti-gun group Moms Demand Action was protesting in this photo. We initially thought maybe it was lollipops shaped like bullets or lollipops with too much sugar or something like that.

But, nope. These are evidently a treat a teacher has on hand to give his or her students in the event of a “lockdown” event at the school. And according to Moms Demand, they’re awful:

This is stupid. Even if Dems passed a gazillion new laws restricting gun ownership, lockdown drills and lockdowns at schools aren’t going away. One teacher on explained the use of lollipops at her school:

We changed the way we do lockdown drills this year. Now we have to hide in a corner in the dark with a locked door until a uniformed police officer comes and opens our classroom door for us. It has added a lot of time to our drill and it’s hard to keep 1st graders occupied during that time. I buy the miniature Tootsie Pops and keep them in a drawer near where we huddle and during the drill they get to eat the lollipops. It keeps them quiet and they are more focused on that than on being scared. It seems to be working pretty well.

Makes sense to us.