By now you must have heard the heartwarming story of a Muslim security guard by the name of Zouheir who has been widely credited with “saving hundreds, if not thousands” of lives in Paris after he denied entry to one of the terrorists at the Stade de France on Friday.

This tweet, for example, has been RT’d a staggering 46,000+ times:

So “f***ing important” that nobody bothered to check if it was true. Because it’s not:

According to The Weekly Standard, the origin of this story looks to be when people misread a WSJ report that quoted Zouheir, but did not suggest that Zouheir stopped the bomber:

The Journal, for its part, makes it pretty clear Zouheir was only their source for the story, not the object of the story itself, nor even an eyewitness to the story.

Zouheir, who was stationed by the players’ tunnel, said he was briefed on the sequence by the security frisking team at the gate.

And a fake-hero was born.


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