People magazine is in the news right now for its “call to action” asking readers to contact Congress (they’ve published the contact info for all 535 members) and demand they do something about gun violence. But take a look at how they frame it:

See what they did there? People used the number of deaths from gun violence collected by the Gun Violence Archive which is at 10,157 year to date (People says it’s 10,006). Now compare People’s number of deaths from gun violence to how Hillary Clinton spins the issue.

She uses the much larger number of 33,000 (33,183 estimated deaths in 2014), which are a total number of deaths in the U.S. that involve a firearm, including suicides:

This is an important distinction because homicide rates from firearms are dropping while suicides that use a firearm are increasing. From Vocativ:

Gun Deaths In America: Suicides Outnumber Homicides 2-to-1
Gun violence rates haven’t changed in a decade, but a new study by UC Davis reveals that as firearm homicide rates have dropped, suicide rates have increased by a like amount

We’re not trying to minimize the impact of gun suicides by any means, but honesty in this debate — especially since the only reason we’re talking about it is because of the mass shooting in Oregon — is important and needs to be reported that way.

And we will point out that People magazine is still anti-gun and missing the bigger picture:


Video message from People Editorial Director Jess Cagle.