It looks like we have a winner in the Planned Parenthood cheerleader contest! Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Margaret Cho and this statement of hers from last night which could be one of the worst justifications for abortion we’ve ever seen:

There are no words, but Cho wasn’t done with her pro-Planned Parenthood hot-takes:

Planned Parenthood helps low income have babies by aborting them? How does that work?

But to Cho, those really aren’t babies at all:

Still no words. (Or, at least no words that we can put in print)

Cho also dabbled in a little baby-parts-for-sale turtherism:

Does she not know that Planned Parenthood admits it does this, but brags about it because it’s for research?

Here’s Sonny Bunch with some truth:

Cho still doesn’t buy it:

And Cho was pretty convinced that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms:

Um, no they don’t. Dana Loesch set her straight:

Thankfully, it looks like Cho finally figured it out:

And we’ll end it with this perfect tweet from Adam Baldwin:

Careful, Adam … she’ll probably say next that God created murder so it’s OK, too.



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