A video first posted on Facebook on Friday of NYPD officers driving away from an arrest after an angry confrontation with bystanders is starting to get some attention.

Video here from the Free Thought Project.

In the video, police officers from the 30th precinct in Harlem are seen questioning a reported 14-year-old girl over a false alarm on a police call box. It looks like the officers were about to leave the scene after questioning the girl without taking any action, but an argument between the girl, bystanders and the cops ensued and at the 6:15 mark, the driver of the unmarked police car got out and it looks like he tried to make an arrest.

This led to a larger confrontation where the crowd successfully separated the girl from the police officer and prevented him from taking her into custody. A second undercover police car arrived at 7:38, but both cars left the scene without taking anyone into custody — neither the girl or any of the bystanders seen pushing and shoving the officers in the video:


Reaction on Twitter — so far — is behind the crowd’s reaction:

We’ll have to see if there’s any fallout from this because it seems as if it’s a dangerous precedent for cops to just drive away from an altercation like this without taking any action. To be continued…