Hey, the Scooby van doesn’t run on magic, you know. And if Hillary is really going to raise over $2 billion to fund her run for the White House, she needs to go to where the money is. In this case, Hollywood:

But the more interesting of the two fundraisers is the one at the home of billionaire Haim Saban, an Egyptian-born Jew whose family immigrated to Israel when he was a child.

Saban, who is the owner of the powerhouse Hispanic media company, Univision, made news a few weeks back when he strongly hinted that Hillary Clinton opposed President Obama’s deal with Iran:

No word yet if Dems will push for Saban and Clinton to be prosecuted for their treason against the president under the Logan Act.

And maybe more important than Saban’s views on Iran is his current ownership of Univsion, a longtime ally with Democrats and supporter of Hillary Clinton:

Saban recently said in an interview, “it’s not a matter of if Clinton wins, it’s a matter of when”:

And there are strong ties between Univision and the Democratic party:

In the past, we haven’t heard much from the media about the Hillary-Univision alliance:

Will we now? Prediction: Don’t bet on it.



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