Karl Rove was a guest on “Fox News Sunday” this morning where he defended the CIA’s use of  “waterboarding” of suspected terrorists during interrogations and insisted the practice did not amount to “torture.” And as you might imagine, many on Twitter were quite angry at the former presidential adviser for his comments:

Here’s the video:

And here’s Vanity Fair contributing editor and senior writer Kurt Eichenwald who was particularly unhappy with what Rove had to say:

But this is where it gets weird. Eichenwald then invited those who disagree with him to get waterboarded … at his house:

He has a home waterboarding set? Um…

And how about this: Eichennwald seems totally cool with Pres. Obama ordering drone strikes on American citizens without a trial, calling the president’s drone strikes a “lawful act under international law”:


Wow. We wonder if anybody ever thought of asking those on the pointy end of a Hellfire missile if they’d prefer waterboarding instead?