Sen. Dianne Feinstein is speaking right now on the Senate floor and defending the just released Senate Intelligence Committee’s controversial report on interrogation techniques:

Oh really? Well, now that America has admitted “it is wrong,” let’s see how well we’re being portrayed overseas.

Here’s @ShamiWitness, recently referred to by the Gaurdain as “the most influential tweeter for foreign fighters” in Syria, on the report:

Fantastic. Exit note, the Guardian also credits @ShamiWitness as playing a role helping ISIS recruit foreign fighters:

The most influential tweeter for foreign fighters was named as Shami Witness, a social media operator whose popularity has swollen in tandem with the territorial expansion of Isis, from 4,700 to 11,900 followers since April. It is an increase that some experts say chimes with his apparent evolution from anti-Assad activist to supporter of Isis, but his political evolution has, says Neumann, implications for western security. “You might have a wannabe foreign fighter sitting at home in Portsmouth and he can simply reach out to Shami Witness. He plays a role linking wannabes with foreign fighters.”

Over to you, Sen. Feinstein.



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