The Washington Post reported yesterday that former Democratic congressional aide Donny Ray Williams Jr. pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two women back in 2010.

And news of Williams’ guilty plea has many conservatives wondering if the MSM will pay as much attention to a Democratic staffer who just admitted to sexually assaulting women as they did to Republican staffer Elizabeth Lauten who was forced to resign over a Facebook post she wrote critical of Malia and Sasha Obama:

And the reaction from MSM folks? Circle the wagons!

Here’s Dylan Scott from Talking Points Memo:

Scott’s tweet led to this back-and forth with the Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery jumping in:

Fair? Um, yeah. As one story is about rape and the other isn’t:

Also Lowery is incorrect on the timing of the Williams story:

Lowery added this defense:

It’s “disingenuous”? Really?

It seems, however, that Lowery isn’t above making the same disingenuous comparison when he tweeted out his new article comparing the amount of money raised for businesses looted during the Ferguson protests two weeks ago with money raised for Darren Wilson since August:

And here are the two tweets Hemingway posted:

Context: Lowery is a hypocrite; Verdict: Nuked:

Lowery’s larger argument is to wait for the “full news cycle” on the Williams coverage:

Exit question: Does anyone really believe the MSM will cover Williams’ rapes with the same gusto as Lauten?



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