Here we go. The GOP just filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration over its implementation of Obamacare and Nancy Pelosi is not happy at all. First up, here’s the announcement of the suit from the GOP’s lawyer, the very liberal Jonathan Turley:

Yes, this is the same Jonathan Turley who keeps saying the Bush administration committed “war crimes” in the handling of detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

Now, here’s the somewhat odd reaction from Nancy Pelosi:

They only like him when he’s a Bush critic?

There is some bad blood between Pelosi and Turley, however. The above tweet points to this blog post by Turley from 2008 where he criticized Nancy Pelosi for not bringing impeachment charges against President Bush:

So the guy who calls George Bush a “war criminal” and wanted him impeached is now going after President Obama, but he’s just a “TV lawyer”? How convenient, Nancy.

And we’re so old that we remember when Turely was a darling of MSNBC’s favorite moonbat, Keith Olbermann. Here are a few examples:

Of note, this lawsuit is not about immigration:

But it looks like Turley might make a good lawyer for that lawsuit, too:

And the DNC is already fundraising over the news:

Of course they are.


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