ActBlue, an online fundraising platform for liberal candidates, is taking contributions for Sen. Mary Landrieu’s December 6 runoff election in Louisiana and is trying to raise $150,000 in a special kickoff “moneybomb” by the end of business today.

But, as we reported yesterday, the Landrieu camp seems to be running out of steam. The DSCC has pulled its funding for the Louisiana Democrat and the true-blue Markos Moulitsas thinks Landrieu should just give up now and save everyone a lot of money:

But that’s not stopping ActBlue from soliciting or libs from donating money to what’s looking more and more like an election Landrieu can’t win:

This is actually kind of sad. At what point does it become unethical for a candidate to accept money from his or her supporters?

You can follow the ever growing list of Landrieu supporters and donors on Twitter here.