It was a little less than a year ago when Sen. Harry Reid went to Defcon 1 and “nuked” the Senate’s filibuster rules regarding judicial appointments and executive branch nominees. CNN reported back then:

More new judges. Faster appointments to top government jobs. Revised regulations and rules reflecting government policy.

Those are the practical impacts from the nuclear option Senate Democrats approved to end filibusters of most presidential nominations and appointments.

Sounds great, right? And here are 10 libs who really, really liked Reid’s move from a year ago. Let’s see if they change their tune now that Mitch McConnell is in charge:

And now the cherry on top:

Oh, they’ll soon be back to opposing it. Very, very soon.

Editor’s note: The post corrected Defcon 5 (peace) to Defcon 1 (nuclear war). We apologize for the error.