Yes, pampered liberals really say things like this:

From ABC News:

If there is one thing Chelsea Clinton is most worried about, it may be that her soon-to-be child will grow up in a world without elephants.

Standing alongside her mother, Hillary Clinton, at the Clinton Global Initiative this afternoon, the very-pregnant former first daughter warned the plight of African elephants, killed for their ivory tusks, is an “existential” one, and said that if the current poaching rates continue, elephants could be few and far between within the next decade.

Oh, but saving elephants also fights terrorism:

Chelsea Clinton said the African elephant crisis is not only a “moral” and “ecological disaster,” but also a “security threat,” as ivory is increasingly being used by the world’s most nefarious terror groups, such as the Lord’s Resistance Army and Boko Haram. She pleaded that “it’s in all of our interests” to stop the growing practice.

But why is Chelsea worried about Boko Haram and the elephants anyway? President Obama just told the U.N. that Boko Haram is on the way out:

Or maybe Chelsea thinks the president is just spewing happy talk?

Now, we like elephants, too, but could this all be an example of elephant alarmism? Yes, it could. Via the New Scientist:

Elephants in east Africa are facing what Iain Douglas-Hamilton, zoologist and founder of Save the Elephants, calls “a crisis but not yet a catastrophe”. Elephants are “amazingly resilient creatures”, he says, and in regions where up to half of their deaths are caused by humans, the animals can still manage to maintain healthy communities. But when that number rises above 50 per cent – as has happened in much of Africa – reproduction rates can’t replace the losses, and the species spirals into decline.

Phew. Chelsea’s baby might just grow up on planet full of elephants — and one full of Islamic extremists, too, because it will take more than the president’s happy talk to defeat that threat.