Today’s House hearing looking into the possible misreporting of patient deaths by the Department of Veterans Affairs is dueling for attention with Rep. Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi hearing, but it might be the more important one to watch. Here’s a summary of what to expect from whistleblower Dr. Sam Foote, who is accusing the VA of a “whitewash” and a “cover-up”:

The Department of Veterans Affairs inspector general minimized bad patient outcomes and deliberately confused readers of a recent investigative report to downplay the impact of delayed health care at Phoenix VA facilities, a key whistle-blower asserts in written testimony expected to be delivered today at a U.S. House hearing.

“At its best, this report is a whitewash. At its worst, it is a feeble attempt at a cover-up,” Dr. Sam Foote, a retired VA physician, said of the inspector general’s report released Aug. 26.

Foote earlier this year revealed that as many as 40 Phoenix patients died while awaiting care and that the Phoenix VA maintained secret waiting lists while under-reporting patient wait times for appointments. His disclosures triggered the national VA scandal.

The VA’s Officer of Inspector General, however, denies the allegations by Dr. Foote:

More of what to watch for:


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