Benjamin Douglass, an artist from Red Bank, New Jersey, accused Bud Light of stealing his artwork for their new ad campaign featuring Vanilla Ice:

And here’s a sample of the ad. Yes, it does look like it’s the same exact artwork:

Mr. Ice seems to have acknowledged it’s the same design, too:

But who owns this particular artwork anyway? Tweeps are asking:

Answer? It’s the design for a T-shirt sold by a company called TeePublic:

Here’s the summary as best as we can tell: An artist from New Jersey used Vanilla Ice’s likeness — without compensation to Mr. Ice — to sell T-shirts and now he’s angry that Bud Light is using his artwork in a major ad campaign, but he’s not sure if Bud Light stole his work or actually licensed it.

We’ll update as soon as we know more in what’s shaping up to be a major (snicker) legal battle.