FFS. REALLY? Does he not understand how bad it looks to do a spread in a fluff mag like this?

“Not the Onion”:

The interview was conducted by CBS’ Nora O’Donnell which Brian Stelter says was a way to get around restrictions put on Fauci by the White House not to appear on TV:

On his relationship with President Trump:

And just like that, he’s pitted himself back against the president:

FWIW, the article has been in the works for some time. This photo, via InStyle editor-in-chief Laura Brown, is from June 6, which means it was taken while the protests were ongoing and social distancing was being ignored:

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We honor Dr Anthony Fauci with this special cover of @instylemagazine. Dr Fauci and his wife of 35 years, bioethicist Dr Christine Grady (swipe for their portrait) talked to @norahodonnell about his relationship with President Trump (“I don’t see him much anymore”), the multi-front Covid-19 battle and his plea to the American public for pragmatism and safety. They also talk about their marriage, their daughters, their evening walks and how Dr Fauci can get so absorbed in work, he needs to be reminded to eat. Dr Grady says, “When he gets criticized, it feels unfair to me because he is working so hard for the right reasons.” 📸 at home on June 6 by @frankiealduino. (Special thanks to @cristobalita, @karikristen and the InStyle team for the hustle. And Helen in Dr Fauci’s office!). Link in bio.

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Of note, Dr. Fauci did warn of the dangers at the time:

Dems, however, ignored his advice then and cheered on the super-spreading events:

Over to you, Dems:



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