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They're Scared: Politico Performs MASSIVE Face Plant in Attempted Hit Piece on Glenn Youngkin

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

Last week, Donald Trump met with Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin at Trump's golf course in Sterling, Virginia, and it set the online rumor mill ablaze. Ostensibly, the meeting was to discuss Trump's 2024 campaign in the Old Dominion, where he is currently tied with President Joe Biden. Trump has been polling so well in Virginia -- a state Biden won by 10 points in 2020 -- that FiveThirtyEight has moved it into the 'toss-up' category. 


But since Trump has not selected his running mate yet, and since Youngkin would be considered a very strong complement to any presidential ticket (and since anything Trump does causes mayhem online), the speculation started swirling that Youngkin could be the one. 

We won't get into the pros and cons of Trump picking Youngkin, at least not right now, because what's far more hilarious -- and utterly predictable -- has been the reaction from the mainstream media to the gossip. 

For this, we turn to Politico, which posted this hilarious attempted takedown of Youngkin on Twitter this morning

LOL. They're terrified of him. 

It's fairly obvious that this article was written long in advance, and Politico was just hanging onto it for just the right moment to drop it. It's also fairly obvious that the writer has an agenda, seeking out the most trite and overused criticisms that the media always turns to. For instance, one reason they claim Youngkin isn't more successful (in their opinion) is that he isn't nice enough to Democrats such as noted obstructionist State Senator Louise Lucas, and doesn't seek their favor often enough. 

Speaking of whom, there are plenty of subtle racism charges thrown at Youngkin for good measure. Because, of course, there are. 


Unfortunately for Politico, no one was buying it.

Youngkin's approval rating in Virginia is not only well above 50 percent, but he has a net approval of plus 16. While that's not among the highest in the nation, it is one of the highest in anything that can remotely be considered a swing state, let alone a D +10 state. He's even polling above hugely popular governors like Ron DeSantis. 

Is Politico a joke? Yes. Yes, it is. 

This is EXACTLY why Politico pushed the article out this morning. 


LOL. What a perfect characterization. 

They always do that meme. 

What might be even funnier though than the people laughing AT Politico were the leftists who agreed with them ... in the way that only leftists can. 

HAHAHAHAHA. 'Fascist dictatorship.' Drink. 

These 'Blue No Matter Who' sock puppets aside, however, most people advised Politico to stop taking drugs when writing articles. 

Most journalists are identical to trained seals.

Any Democrat who did that would be hailed by the media as the Second Coming ... if any of them believed in God, that is. Maybe the second coming of Obama? 


It is the world's worst cologne and the media slathers it on every day. 

No, it is activism. 

We hope those predictions are true. All of them. 


This tweet concludes:

'In the 2023 elections, Republicans missed total control by a seat in each chamber and received more votes statewide. This was an article written with a pre-determined conclusion in mind. Lazy journalism-ing.'


Those last two sentences are Politico in a nutshell. 

We don't know if Youngkin will be Trump's running mate pick. We don't know anyone who can really predict what Trump will do. If he is, then Youngkin not only can help deliver Virginia for Trump in 2024, but also will be well-positioned to run for President in 2028. If he is not, then he is well-positioned to run for the Senate seat currently held by Democrat Mark Warner in 2026. 

In either case, Glenn Youngkin is still very popular in Virginia and has a pretty strong political future. No amount of hit pieces by Politico will be able to change that.


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