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This Is Why You Fail: Makers of 'The Acolyte' Brag About Creating 'The Gayest Star Wars Yet'

Fuzzy Chimp

Back when Star Wars was a franchise people cared about, one of the most beloved characters in the movies and shows was everyone's favorite 900-year-old Jedi master, Yoda. That's quite an accomplishment for a small green muppet, who somehow became an icon of the galaxy far, far away. 


Yoda is known for the nuggets of wisdom he would impart -- in backward English -- to his pupils. One of his most famous quotes is what he said to Luke Skywalker to warn him against the temptations of the dark side of the Force, of seeking quick power and strength, as opposed to learning the Jedi way of discipline, patience, and tradition: 

'Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you, it will.'

After listening to the producer and one of the actors in Star Wars' latest installment in a franchise that has turned itself into a joke and a dumpster fire, it's clear that no one at Disney ever bothered to pay attention to Yoda. Watch:  

It's almost like they are begging people NOT to watch their show. 

Don't worry, Disney. We won't. That way, you can blame 'toxic fans' for your latest failure, as you always do, instead of looking inward to realize that no one likes it when you place your agenda over quality content. 

It's as if they've decided to steer directly into the skid that South Park recently lampooned. (Warning, NSFW language in the clip below.)

After this mocking satire of Disney and Kathleen Kennedy came out, the rumor was that she was not at all happy about it. Which is how you know that South Park -- as usual -- was directly over the target. 


The producer pictured here and in the interview is Leslye Headland. All of her credits in the past are projects centered on women and LGBTQ+ themes, so Kennedy knew exactly what she was doing when she hired her. 

Headland also previously served for years as Harvey Weinstein's personal assistant, so that should tell you something about how much integrity plays a role in her work.  

They ruined it a long time ago. Now, it would appear that they are just desecrating the corpse for giggles. 

It's not like people have not warned them. Fans have spoken with their wallets and countless critics have told them about the disaster they were creating. 

They don't seem to care, so people have stopped caring about their franchise. 

Yes, it will. It's almost as if making awful content is Disney's business model, so they can continue to play the grievance game and earn high ESG scores. We've written previously about how this is not a sustainable approach for ANY corporation, but Disney refuses to see it. 


Not according to Headland and Amandla Stenberg (the cast member also featured in this video) it wasn't. According to them, as the clip goes on, Star Wars was ALWAYS about being gay, as they even joke about retconning the droids into the LGBTQ+ lifestyle.

The interviewer responds to this statement by saying that some nerds are 'threatened' by that. No, no one is 'threatened.' They're just rejecting your forced agenda. 

Many of them are also laughing at you. 

Some fans (the few that remain) spoke up to say that they didn't see it in the first couple of episodes of the show.

But it's all part of the same agenda. Maybe this show isn't as LGBTQ+ as the producer and star jokes about, but it is definitely intent on removing straight, white males from the franchise ... for no reason.


But bragging and giggling about injecting LGBTQ+ into the show is only going to turn people off from watching it. Again, it's as if that is the goal.

We're with you, Yoda. We're with you. 

The point is not that 'gay is bad.' That is what Disney will inevitably claim that fans are saying when this show fails like so many Disney Star Wars productions before it. It is the response they want to provoke.

The point is that sexuality and those themes were never part of Star Wars until Disney took over. George Lucas made a few kids' movies about space wizards and good versus evil (a couple of them were even very good). That's it. That's all Star Wars was, or ever needs to be. 

But it's not enough for Disney, which seems to think that Star Wars needs to be an agent of social change. And they will do anything to force that agenda into their content. 

As Yoda also once famously told Luke Skywalker, 'That is why you fail.'

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