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Chris 'Reporters Don't Root For a Side' Cillizza Can't Grasp Why People Miss the Trump Years


In 1972, New York film critic Pauline Kael uttered a now-famous quote that has come to embody the mainstream media even 50 years later. After Richard Nixon won re-election in a landslide, with 520 electoral votes, Kael noted of the race, 'I can’t believe Nixon won. I don’t know anyone who voted for him.'


It's too bad Twitter wasn't around then. This would have become the viral meme to end all viral memes. 

Journalists live inside a bubble. We know this. In a way, they always have. But since the dawn of the Internet age, as it has become easier and easier to be hyper-partisan with no repercussions, the media has only retreated further inside that bubble. 

Yesterday, reporter Chris Cillizza -- who laughably said, 'Let me say for the billionth time: Reporters don't root for a side. Period.' before the 2016 election -- tweeted a thread reminding the world that journalists not only live in that bubble, but they are completely unaware of it.

Cillizza is referring to an April 13 New York Times/Sienna College poll that spelled horrible news for Joe Biden. While the national race is still very close, Biden is underwater in nearly every internal metric within the poll. But after more than three years of Biden's disastrous presidency -- both domestically and abroad -- Cillizza still seems shocked that people have fond (or at least fonder) memories of Trump's first term. He continued:


The lack of self-awareness here is stunning, even for Cillizza. He mentions 'the Trump years,' but in explaining that, he leaves out three of those years when America was doing much better by every measure. (We also love his little 'insurrection' dig there, even though most Americans now recognize Jan. 6 as nothing of the kind.)

Remember: he doesn't root for a side. 

After that, Cillizza took a really strange turn into The Cringe Zone, trying to come up with an analogy for Americans' fond memories of the Trump years. 

' ... in the first place' is how he concluded that tweet. 

Dude. Comparing Trump to your ex? Really? That's just weird. 

We say this in all earnestness: the left, including and especially the media, need professional help for the bizarre places their Trump obsession takes them. 

But disturbing analogies aside, that tweet is just more gaslighting. Until COVID, most of Trump's presidency was very good for Americans -- in our wallets and our sense of security. We could cite all of the numbers, but all you have to do is ask people how much they paid, then and now, for groceries, gas, utilities, and more. 


The last tweet in Cillizza's thread is the real doozie.

There it is ... like clockwork. It's OUR fault we don't appreciate Biden more than Trump. We're just 'misremembering' everything. We have failed our President yet again, perhaps because we haven't lowered our expectations enough. 

(And no, Chris. No one wants to subscribe to your newsletter, LOL. Nice try though.)

Maybe he thought we wouldn't notice that little trick he tried to pull. 

They think we are stupid. They need us to be stupid. It's the only way any of their arguments work. 


Journos have been destroying themselves since at least the '90s. But, indeed, they all went completely bonkers in 2016. 

This is the argument an honest journalist would have made. Not 'nostalgia,' but relativity. Cillizza, however, is anything but an honest journalist. 

Exactly correct. Some Americans could have told this to Cillizza before he tweeted ... if he ever bothered to talk to any Americans outside of his bubble. 

Yes. He is a dope. 

And as for the ex-girlfriend comments? We just ... we don't really know what to say. 


You wouldn't know her, man. She lives in Canada. 

HAHA. Like we said, it's plain weird

We should ask Cillizza how many times he drunk-texted that ex after he finished writing these tweets. The number has to be in the double figures, at least. 

But if she saw his thread, maybe she would have answered him, 'THIS is why we broke up, Chris.'

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