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This Is The Way: Virginia Student Sues Fairfax School District for Forcing Transgender Policies

Meme based on photo by Keith Weller/USDA/Public Domain

We are all getting pretty tired of the gender ideology cult that has taken over our institutions. Every day, every week, more and more people are speaking out against it. This is a great start, but the woke ideology has been infecting these institutions for decades, long before the term 'woke' was ever even used (we should just call 'woke' what it is: cultural Marxism). Dismantling it will also take a long and concerted effort. 

And one avenue that has not been used enough in the past, but is beginning to become a key tactic in the fight is lawsuits. It makes me cheer whenever I see a new one being filed. Last week, I was particularly proud because the newest lawsuit not only came from my state of Virginia but also from an extremely brave high school student.

The rest of the tweet reads: 

... require girls to share restrooms and locker rooms with transgender students. 

The suit also cites the student being required to use 'preferred pronouns' that 'force her to lie' about the biological reality of sex, according to The Washington Examiner.

The Washington Examiner has more details and the full text of the suit, filed in Fairfax County District Court:

The lawsuit was filed Monday afternoon by America First Legal on behalf of a female student who is arguing that the school district is violating her safety and religious liberty with a policy that allows biological males in the girls’ restroom and compels her to use 'preferred pronouns' that 'forces her to lie' about the biological reality of sex, according to the complaint.

'Fairfax County Public Schools appears to believe that its policies and regulations can override the Virginia Constitution’s protections for religious beliefs, speech, and from government discrimination on the basis of sex and religious beliefs,' Ian Prior, America First Legal’s senior adviser, told the Washington Examiner. 'It is well past time for FCPS to stop sacrificing the constitutional rights of its students so that it can implement a state-sanctioned ideology that demands compliance in speech, beliefs, and conduct.'

America First Legal also published a lengthy thread on Twitter when the suit was filed.

The document shown here is the Fairfax County Public Schools 'Code of Conduct.' I wrote about this previously, and how it had been developed in secret from concerned parents in the county. You can see in the second, third, and fourth bullets how it mandates that girls cannot object to boys using their bathrooms, students are forced to use 'preferred pronouns, and 'gender identities' are even hidden from parents. 

America First Legal expanded on these horrific requirements. 

The thread continues to outline many of the other unconstitutional requirements imposed by Fairfax County, including disciplinary action for 'deadnaming.'

The thread then proceeds to explain how these rules violate the rights of the anonymous plaintiff (and many other students), including their religious rights. 

Excuse me for a moment while I stand up and applaud America First Legal and the student plaintiff. (Yes, she has to be anonymous for the time being because we have all seen how abusive and violent the trans activists can be to anyone who opposes them.) 

Not only is Fairfax County violating students' constitutional rights with its 'code of conduct,' but it is also openly defying Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin's policies on transgender issues

Fairfax County also does not permit any 'opt-out' for students who disagree with its policies. In other words, everyone must comply or they will punish you. 

We absolutely need more lawsuits. But there are some very important ones in progress. Outspoken de-transitioner Chloe Cole, along with many other de-transitioned women are currently suing medical institutions and professionals for lying to them and rushing them into puberty blockers, hormone therapies, and surgeries -- as minors -- all for the profit margin of the 'gender-affirming' business. 

Chloe Cole v. Kaiser Permanente (et al) is one of the most important lawsuits today in tearing down the 'business' of sterilizing and mutilating children. 

But Jane Doe v. Fairfax County School Board is just as important. It fights another front in the battle: the fight to protect free speech and religious expression. Because the gender cult cannot exist if people -- including students -- are allowed to speak their minds freely, not to mention have private spaces to themselves.

It is unfortunate that it has come to this, but as Ian Prior also said

Unfortunately, [Fairfax County Public Schools] has repeatedly demonstrated that it will not voluntarily comply with the Virginia constitution and the Virginia Supreme Court’s rulings, so it will be up to students and parents to enforce their rights through the courts,

Jane Doe's lawsuit against Fairfax must succeed. Chloe Cole's lawsuit must succeed. And if lower courts do not provide justice, then they need to keep escalating, even up to the Supreme Court, if necessary. It's not as though Constitutional issues are not at stake here.

Not to mention the soul of America.


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