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Insanity: Portland Woman Convicted for 'Misgendering' a Man Trying to Enter Woman's Bathroom


Recently, the city of Portland, Oregon, exhibited a moment of sanity when city officials decided to reverse a law they had enacted in 2020 that basically decriminalized all drugs. The results of that law were extremely predictable (everyone did, in fact, predict it). Crime escalated, drug use became rampant, overdoses soared, and the city descended even further into chaos than it already had. 


But if you were fooled into thinking that Portland may have regained a modicum of common sense, you can rest easy: it has not. 

Yesterday, independent journalist Andy Ngô broke the news that a Portland area woman has been convicted and sentenced to two years probation and community service for 'misgendering' a man. A man who was TRYING TO GO INTO THE WOMAN'S BATHROOM.

Cassandra McIntyre told Riis Larsen (pictured below), a far-left trans activist formerly known as Ronald A. Larsen, that they're a man and to "get out" after the male allegedly shoved another person to cut in line for the women's toilet. The jury saw video of McIntyre lightly shoving Larsen during the confrontation. She was sentenced to two years probation plus community service—longer than what convicted violent BLM-Antifa rioters and arsonists received in Multnomah County. 

Larsen is a self-identified Marxist "queer demi-binary trans woman" who posts online often about transphobia.

As the pictures in Ngô's tweet clearly show, Larsen IS a man. And he was violently shoving women aside to try to use their bathroom. 


But pay close attention to the first screenshot Ngô posted there. One of the two crimes McIntyre was convicted of was 'bias crime in the second degree.'

WHAT? 'Bias crime'? 

What in the George Orwell nightmare scenario is going on in Portland??

Ngô continued: 

I sent the office of @DAMikeSchmidt a media inquiry about its aggressive and successful prosecution of a woman who misgendered a trans activist at a women's bathroom in Portland, Ore. The prosecution repeatedly brought attention to the misgendering during the trial to argue that it was a second-degree bias crime. In Multnomah County, is misgendering a crime? 

'YOU ARE COMMANDED to arrest the above-named defendant forthwith and bring said defendant before me'

Wow. The Ministry of Love is out in full force in Portland. And, apparently, the First Amendment no longer exists. They just make up their own laws. (Kind of like 'CHAZ' in the neighboring city of Seattle a couple of years ago, and that was just a great success all around.) 


Megyn Kelly always has the best summations of insanity like this. 

But lots of others on Twitter had plenty of thoughts as well. 

Additional money to prosecute 'hate crimes.' To a city that not long ago wanted to defund and abolish the police. And a city that was recently overrun by drug crime. 

But never mind any of that. They have to punish the woman who got angry with a man who wanted to expose himself to women in the bathroom. 

Maybe Portland should start doing ALL the drugs again. 


The rest of that tweet reads, '... And, there are much bigger aspects of women's rights on the table than abortion.'

The right to kill babies seems to be the only thing that the left wants to protect when it comes to women. Biden said as much in his State of the Union last night when he DIRECTLY threatened the justices on the Supreme Court over the issue of abortion.

But actually protecting women's spaces and privacy? No, they don't care about that.

That's what cults do. Obey or die. 

The Biden DOJ is prosecuting pro-life advocates for singing in front of abortion centers. So, no. They not only have zero regard for the First Amendment, they are actively showing their contempt for it. 

Let's not forget that before the State of the Union last night, a literal army of pro-Hamas protestors obstructed the streets in Washington, D.C., trying to hinder the speech from even happening. There were no arrests. 

But when a gold star father stood up at the SOTU to protest Biden's botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that resulted in the death of that father's son, he was immediately arrested. 


That is a very good question. 

And that is a very good answer to that question. Abandon these blue Marxist cities and let them fester. 

At the very least, you are risking your freedom. But we've also seen how violent the trans activist community is so, yeah. Probably risking your life too. 

We can understand if McIntyre -- who has probably been more traumatized by this entire incident than the 'trans woman' ever was -- wants to put this behind her. 


But we need some good, strong Constitutional, First Amendment attorneys to step in and take up her case. 

Because this is much bigger than a two-year probation sentence. This is about protecting the right to free speech. 

Just as importantly, it is about protecting the right to be a woman. And to be sane. 


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