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Broken beyond repair: Rob Reiner and John Cusack can't get past their TDS in the wake of Hamas attacks


If you were to create a list of people who have been utterly, irreparably broken by Donald Trump, it could never be complete without Rob Reiner and John Cusack near or at the very top. Not a single event occurs in the world without these two Hollywood rocket scientists finding a way to blame it on Trump. Cusack doesn't get hired for movies anymore? Trump's fault. Burger King didn't give Reiner the gallon of mayonnaise he asked for with his Whopper? Trump's fault.

But the worst thing is, they never know how to keep their mouths shut when something serious happens that deserves serious commentary. Because that's what being broken does to you. 


When Hamas terrorists attacked Israel this weekend, this is what the TDS Twins saw fit to tweet: 

Wow. Not only is the savagery of Hamas Trump's fault, but it would be so much worse if Trump was still president. 

Don't even try to make it make sense. For irrational people, 'Orange Man Bad' is like global warming: anything that happens -- hot weather, cold weather, normal weather -- is evidence of it. And they don't come much more irrational than Reiner and Cusack. 

No kidding. They need to add Trump Derangement Syndrome to the next edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. 


As for Cusack, well, we should probably remember that he is the one who tweeted an antisemitic cartoon -- and then blamed it on a 'bot' -- before we consider any of his thoughts about Hamas. 

And that is the person who thinks things would be worse for Israel with Trump and 'MAGA.' Color us skeptical. 

The level of sickness going on with Cusack, not simply to think what he did, but to actually tweet it publicly ... well, it's really difficult to even imagine. The man needs professional help. Reiner does too. 


I suppose one benefit of being completely broken, like Reiner and Cusack are, is that you never have to worry about pesky little things like consistency, reason, or logic. 

Pretty convenient. 


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