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Braun begs to become the Bud Light of beard trimmers

Move over, Bud Light, Target, Harry's and Gillette. There is a new contender in the 'Let's see how fast we can destroy our brand' Olympics. 

Feeling, apparently, that there weren't enough woke companies in the shaving industry, Braun has now thrown its hat into the ring with a new ad featuring a 'trans man' shaving 'his' beard with a fancy Braun Series X Hybrid Trimmer. 


The ad clearly and deliberately shows the scars from the pictured model's double mastectomy surgery and it has received some scathing criticism. 

'Promoting the removal of healthy breast tissue is not only shockingly immoral, but against advertising standards guidance to not glamourise or trivialise cosmetic surgery. Braun executives must have been living under a rock if they think that this campaign represents 'inclusivity.' The reality is that Braun has now written itself into history as promoting social contagion and what will become one of the most notorious medical scandals.'
- Maya Forstater, executive director of Sex Matters 

'Once again, we find a private corporation willing to glorify irreversible surgery being performed on the healthy breasts of women, in pure pursuit of profit.'
- James Esses, co-founder of Thoughtful Therapists

It's difficult to imagine what the executives at Braun were thinking. Or even if they were thinking. Bud Light showed everyone that a woke Marketing department can often control what a company says and does to promote itself. Even if that means demolishing a brand that a company may have built over years, decades or longer. 


As expected, the calls to boycott Braun came in fast and frequently. 

Of course, not every company can be boycotted and Braun may be counting on this. They may be willing to sacrifice some brand equity for continued high ESG ratings and investment. 

It certainly does not seem to be a sustainable strategy in the long term, but time will tell. 


Yep, that pretty much sums up our feelings about this too. 

Say, we hear there's a guy named Jeremy who makes a pretty good razor. Maybe he can make an electric trimmer too. 

* * *

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