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New York Democrats devise ingenious solution to solve immigration crisis: raise taxes

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

New York City is in crisis. The self-declared sanctuary city is currently confronting the consequences of its own actions, and we all know that is never easy. Despite having 100 times the budget and resources of a border community such as El Paso, TX, the city is having a difficult time dealing with a tiny fraction of the illegal immigration problem that confronts El Paso and other border cities every day.


But fear not, Gotham. Help is on the way. No, not Batman. Even better: the city will be rescued by the superhero team known as State Senate Democrats. They may not wear capes, but they do offer New York the salvation known as ... tax increases.

Even the Dark Knight couldn't match this level of cunning and genius. Here is the full text of the tweet:

NEW: Democrat New York State Senators have brought forward a plan to "solve" the migrant crisis in their state by, wait for it ... raising taxes! 

Socialism to the rescue! 

As NYC reaches the point of no return with the migrant takeover, Socialists see an opportunity to gouge more money out of their residents. 

"We should increase taxes because it’s economically just policy to offset all costs for our state to function," said state Senator Julia Salazar from Brooklyn. 

"I’d say that even if our city and state hadn’t seen an increase in migrants seeking asylum, this moment makes it all the more important for the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes." 

Senate Senator Jabari Brisport, also from Brooklyn, said: "We’re still organizing to tax the rich through the same revenue-raising bills we’ve been fighting for for years." 

Or just simply secure the border...


Bruce Wayne's got nothing on these heroes. Even Steve Rogers, Captain America himself, was impressed with their ingenuity. 

But don't panic, average New Yorker. They only want to tax 'the rich,' right? Hmmm, where have we heard that one before? 

Yes, it seems that every time politicians talk about raising taxes on 'the wealthy,' it always seems to hit the middle class hardest. Weird how that works. 

As the saying goes, when you are a hammer (or a hammer and sickle as the case may be), every problem is a nail. 


Always wanting to assist, some people had other novel suggestions to help the champions in the New York State Senate confront the current crisis. 

Securing ... the ... border? What is this sorcery they're talking about? 

Of course, another solution might be to not keep voting for the politicians who create these problems and then want to tax their way out of them. Don't count on the citizens of Metropolis to learn that lesson though, if history is any measure. 


Vote Republican? In New York, that simply does not compute. Just like some other formerly great states.

There's a homelessness problem in California? Has anyone told West Coast superhero Gavin Newsom? 

Sadly in New York, just as in California, one-party rule is simply a way of life. Elections ... meet consequences.  

Unfortunately, they are serious. And don't call them Shirley. 


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