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Krugman to America: If you were super smart like me, you’d LOVE this economy

Lai Seng Sin

Hey, America. Are you feeling the pinch in your wallet because of grocery prices? Are you having trouble paying your utility bills? Did you notice the gigantic spike in gas prices the last week or so? Well, fear not. Professional elitist and scold Paul Krugman is here to tell you that ... it’s your fault for not realizing how wonderful things are.


See? Inflation is down, you plebeians. If you were as brilliant and informed as a Nobel Prize winner, you would know that and stop complaining. Except no, not really.

A lower rate of inflation increase is not the same as 'inflation is down.' In fairness, yes, there is a difference between inflation and prices:


But somehow, we don’t think this comes as much consolation to people who have to pay for things like gas, food, and power. Luckily for him, Krugman is not one of those poors. But plenty wanted to let Krugman know just what they thought of his proclamation.

Talk to the smelly littles? No. Paul will not be doing that anytime soon.

It makes sense now. Paul Krugman said the economy was going to be great three years ago. Therefore, the economy is great. There is no other possible conclusion because in Paul Krugman’s mind, Paul Krugman can do no wrong. If he were a doctor, he’d be Christopher Guest in ‘A Few Good Men.’


Yikes. We know that user is kidding, but it’s a pretty good way to drive the point home. There were many, many more people telling Krugman where he could stuff his snobbery, but one user summed up perfectly how everyone should view anything that Krugman smugly declares:

Say, that’s a good point. Why is Krugman putting his thoughts out on this Internet fad thingy anyway? Shouldn’t you be talking down to everyone via a fax machine, Paul?

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