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Rob Schneider Delivers Knockout Blow to Dems' 'Democracy Is in Danger' Narrative


Occasionally a Tweet so perfect, so concise happens that you just have to stand there in awe of it. It doesn't hurt that the Tweeter is none other than TV's Rob Schneider.  


The Tweet in full.

Be careful of Political parties that warn of a threat to Democracy while they themselves arrest their political opponents, work with Tech companies to censor those that disagree with them, allow men in women’s sports & bathrooms, encourage child mutilation surgeries, fire Federal workers & nurses for not getting experimental gene therapies, threaten to expand the Supreme Court and eliminate the Electoral College, cause rampant inflation, increase the cost of groceries by 26 percent, allow 11 million people to illegally cross the border, and push the entire World close to World War III.

The difference between a principled stance and phony posturing is when your "values" come into play only in helping you or your side win.

Think about media "fact checkers". If you only ever keep your ideological opponents under the microscope, you're not a fact checker, you're opposition research and a hack.


It's infinitely worse when one side is at DEFCON one over the End of Democracy if Republicans do the same things that Democrats  are currently doing. In the last four years we've witnessed a return to the Obama-era radicalism permeating our institutions. Start with the weaponized IRS under Lois Lerner and take it through Biden's DOJ selectively choosing who is and who is not "above the law".

It's not just gross, it is the true erosion of our Republic.

Which brings us back to Schneider's post. Progressives have never been big on this whole "rule of law" thing. Probably because white supremacy or colonialism or something.

So with that, grab your fiddles and join in while Rome burns. Might as well have some fun.

OK, not fun. But a very good point.

But if their allies in the press are gaslighting you, is it really happening?


Same, Benta, Bentinator, Bentina, the Benster!

Canada? What's a "Canada"?

No, it's just a stutter.

A good 99% of the reactions are the "bullseye" emoji or something similar. So let's just end this with Rob's own meme.



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