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Far Left Radical and Biden Administration Associate Communications Director Tries to Bury His Past

Grand Old Memes

Tyler Cherry, the Biden Administration freak show's latest addition and associate director of communication, has proved that Biden's administration is every bit as radical as you suspected. We covered it here. Tyler Cherry (no really, that's his real name and not some pr0n stage name) had some old Tweets discovered and even though he's deleting them furiously, they're revealing who he is. It's not pretty. Turns out Cherry is an ACAB activist.


Which brings us to the main course. Remember when Joe Biden was being sold to us as the moderate voice who would bring decency back to the White House? Yeah, turns out the Obama / Bill Ayers / Soros wing of the Democratic Party pulled the classic bait and switch.

Cherry Tweeted this out.

And Twitter (X) was not having any of that nonsense.

Why yes, mainstream media, we're definitely going to throw your nonsense back in your faces.

The call is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!

Receipts were kept.

It's not every day you see a history being deleted in real time.


I've changed!

The poor guy, he's all grown up now!

"When I was younger."

Womp womp!

Now on to the sweet, sweet mockery!

LOL! "Medea Does Dallas"? Please pray for us.

So we weren't the only ones to think that the Administration was filling their vacant Sam Brinton diversity quilt slot.


Short, sweet and to the point.

An antisemite too? What a shock! An absolute shock! Sorry, "anti-Zionist".


So in summary:

Yep. This is the modern left. But please remember that this November, you have a chance to make things less awful.


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