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Bigot Against Bigotry - 'Indiana Girl' Claims Moral High Ground By Being a Bigot

Chris Howell/The Herald-Times via AP, File

We don't usually pick on Twitter randos. But sometimes an account will say something so stupid, so un-self aware that it will go viral and we just have to report on it.


Feast your eyes on this banger of a Tweet and you'll see what we mean.

This writer is galled because he lived on both coasts and settled down in Indiana and literally fell in love with it. For some pompous, self-righteous person to think she's better than her neighbors because of her far-left views is laughable.

You see, people have different views on how the world works and we have to live with those people. But if one is so far up one's butt they can't handle that, well, hilarity (and well deserved mockery) ensues.

Here's a reasonable response.

And here's the unhinged response.

This girl would be better living in Portland shouting down a cop. Just goes to show that the sickness is everywhere. It just reaches critical mass in blue cities.

Oh, we did mention mockery. Thanks for hanging around. Here it is.


Yep. Most of us get along until someone with a bug up their butt brings the problems with them.

Heh! Exactly!

They do exist. There's Bloomington and Indianapolis, Gary, Mayor Pete's town and the Indy suburbs. But if you want to live with open space and farmers, maybe put your bigotry aside? Nah. Never mind. Just stay where you are. 

It's a prerequisite of joining the AWFL club. 

Honestly, if you enjoy getting high on the smell of your own farts, San Fran is the place to be.

Seriously. Many conservatives are not MAGA but are willingly ready to fly the flag to keep the haters away.


Like we said.

The trash took itself out.

The Hoosier state is populated with people who tend to be generally wonderful, kind and considerate. You'd have to carry a lot of personal baggage to not see it as the above thread explains.

Nice fellow. Nice sentiment. We can only hope. Until then - may the Lord bless them and keep them - far away from us (apologies to Fiddler on the Roof).


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