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Media Matters for America Layoffs Brings Schadenfreudelciousness to X

Le Frog, inc.

Imagine a left wing group, so committed to ridding the world of Fox News (and right-wing news in general) that there is no depth they would not stoop to make that happen. Say this group had no ethics nor morals to stop them from lying or doxxing to win.


That would be Media Matters for America.

Now let's say that this group had to have layoffs. You would be devastated, wouldn't you? LOL! Nope. You'd be like the rest of us normies, doing an end-zone dance at the demise of an awful organization and the awful people who made the world more awful.

Remember how awful Gawker was? Imagine those d-bags on a mission. That was MMFA.

Jim Treacher kept receipts.

Nobody more than Twitter / blog legend Jim Treacher has a better right to gloat.

Remember when they were part of a coordinated effort to destroy Joe Rogan? Remember how they failed?


Remember when they thought they were big enough to take Elon Musk down and fabricated a test to prove that advertisers would have their ads next to "Nazi" content? Yeah, how did that work out for them? This next Tweet will tell you.

Let us interpret this for you. "far-right" = "not far-left", "billionaires" = "Elon Musk", "armies of lawyers" = "defamation lawyers".

This is what Kitty Kat is alluding to.


Oh those darn billionaires and their (checks notes) holding political hack attackers to account.

As our favorite Tweeter (and totally coincidentally, the boss) said.

LOL! The Onion weeps for them. Why Ben? They were actually funnier than you and your crew on your best day.

Always on the "right side of history", those MMFA heroes.


So in summary, the most awful people on the left got Karma for their scorched-earth attack on anyone on the right and we're all devastated for them.

Best of luck, Angelo, Ari, Kat and all the rest. But please don't learn to code - there's enough bad code out there as it is.


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