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Beyond Parody - MSNBC Wonders How Red Lobster's Demise Affects Black Communities

AP Photo/James A. Finley, File

Drew Holden is a gift to journalism whether they appreciate him or not. He points out their biases, lies and absurdity. When and if the press comes to its senses, Drew's observations will be the roadmap on what not to do. In the meantime his work provides the mockery that leads to humiliation and hopefully, self-reflection and correction.


We're not optimistic, but we do love the mockery.

Take this post, for example.

It has been a joke since at least the 1970s that the generic, all-purpose New York Times headline is "something happens, women and minorities hardest hit". So this weirdness is nothing new, yet somehow, it gets sillier and sillier.

The article includes bangers like this.

Bill Darden opened the first Red Lobster restaurant south of Orlando, Florida, in 1968 just a few weeks before Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.

See, it's like Red Lobster is linked to the Black community through the ... wait, what?

The rise and slide of Red Lobster, and all the stumbles along the way, parallels a rise and backslide of Black working- and middle-class gains. The sort of economic mobility we associate with the 1970s and 1980s, when Red Lobsters were being built, has slowed for many Americans and even reversed for many Black Americans.

Deep down, aren't we all Red Lobster?

OK, here's the part where we all point and laugh.

Holden goes on.


Admit it, the visual came to you super easily.

(Insert graphic of Lawrence O'Donnell holding a boom box over his head outside the Black community's bedroom window here.)

Sorry, The Nation beat them to that take.


Wait, let's workshop this. Bankruptcy is also known as Chapter 11 which implies chapters, which implies books.

So you're saying that Black people are illiterate? Wow!

I think we have President Biden's next embarrassing race pander.

This is so not funny and we're not going to include it in this post.


Nope. This one is too awful as well.

Your obligatory Hollaria Briden Tweet because it just makes everything taste better.

We'll close with this evergreen take.


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