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BREAKING: Washington Post Writer Doesn't Read The Washington Post

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File

We mean how else could you explain this self own?


It seems sometimes that the "mainstream" journalist's job is to play the tattletale on Fox News. Any outlet that doesn't hold to the official narrative gets that treatment but the OG bogeyman for them was Fox News.

In this episode, fearless truthteller and occasional journalist, Aaron Blake calls out Fox for outing a juror. There's only one problem.

Key graf:

The outlet deleted this section from its story sometime this morning, just in time for Aaron Blake to attack Fox News for broadcasting this info.

Democracy Dies in Darkness. 

Five hours later, Blake backpedals a bit with a "well, it's different when we do it" follow up.


It doesn't matter, however. Blake got what he wanted - kneejerk, low-info. people to take the bait and work them into a feeding frenzy.

And what manufactured frenzy would be complete without hateclown Ruth Ben-Ghait weighing in?

"Faux News!" LOLZ! We haven't laughed that hard since 2008 when that clever name was last used unironically.


Most pearl clutching is purely performative. And as we remember with Nick Sandmann, we are reminded that they have no scruples going after normal people. In this case, the ink wasn't dry on their own computers (I know, I know) before they began their hypocritical act.


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