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Barron Trump Is 'Fair Game' Declares Former NBCUniversal Executive

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

We've come to have very low expectations from Hollywood activist types and they seldom disappoint. Take Mike Sington, 'former NBC Universal senior executive', current 'lifestyle expert' and a guy who seems to have a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.


Sington could be doing it for the clicks or maybe he has lent his name to some comms shop who Tweet agitprop in his name or could quite possibly could be the person who sits and obsessively hate-watches Fox news.

Interestingly, he Tweeted this today.

Twitter (X) can be a cesspool at times. Nasty Progressives who say they are on the Right Side of History™ lack the self awareness to realize they are the people they hate.

The Tweet was deleted. Perhaps the wall of instant outrage did it. Or maybe it was a call from his publicist. But don't worry. We have the screenshot.


Note that there's no apology or acknowledgement. He's just powering through with another Trump Tweet.


Sick, isn't it?

Throw in "creepy" too. Maybe a dash of "obsessed". 

Let the mockery begin. All of your favorite big accounts weighed in.


See the "Right Side of History" remark above.


There's so much gold in the replies we wish we could include them all. But you get the gist.


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