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The left's cool new Nazis

(Maria Isabel Bonilla via AP)

Let's go on a journey. It's 2016 and everybody who was to the right of Mitt Romney - wait, scratch that - including Mitt Romney was a Nazi. They were everywhere! Twitter, anyone who thought immigration should be controlled and, of course, your racist uncle.


And so it has been for the last seven years. Since then the educated class asserts that anyone on the opposite side of sexualizing kids in elementary school is fascist. Throw in concerned parents and truck drivers opposed to vaccination and your faded "punch a Nazi" t-shirt is now working overtime.

Then something funny happened. The left fell in love with Ukraine, jackboots and all. Suddenly red-faced, spittle-flecked accusations of Nazi required nuance. Canada's Parliament commended a WWII veteran who fought for Ukraine against Russia. Only one problem, you see - the veteran was fighting for the Nazis. The actual Nazis, not the trucker who came to Ottawa to protest.

But it gets even better. Just yesterday a pro-Ukrainian war hero site lauded one of their own. A loving, brave (checks notes) Nazi. Keen eyed Kara Palley noticed something.

In case you left your readers on the bedside table, here's a zoom in.


Treat yourself to the full, heart-warming video.

Trudeau just did an inappropriate in his pants. Wait (puts finger to earpiece), I'm being informed that Canada just legalized it in schools. It's totally appropriate now.

Yep, the people who see Nazis around every corner seem to whiff it whenever it really counts.

And the apology is even more cringe.

You see, by celebrating this courageous hero we were actually critiquing his extremist labels. We cool? Can you still send cash?


Yeah, it's really not going over well, which is probably why all our domestic Nazi hunter/punchers are just ignoring it. We'd laugh if it wasn't so pathetic.

It's the new craze! But instead of paying $9.50 for waffles, coffee and scrambled eggs, it will only cost $20 billion.


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