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You Can't Be Serious? Biden Proclaims World Elder Abuse Awareness Day - Yes, THAT Joe Biden

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

File this one under 'you just can't make this stuff up'.

The people acting as President of the United States on Joe Biden's behalf issued a proclamation that June 15 was World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.


The White House wants us to respond better to 'elder abuse, exploitation, and neglect'.

We're pretty sure that means don't vote for Joe Biden. At least, that's how we took it.

Maybe, in one of his lucid moments, Biden managed to slip in a cry for help via presidential proclamation, but … nope. This is typical of a White House that is out of touch with America and completely lacking in self-awareness.

Oh, it's a sick joke. One that we've all been forced to live with for four years.

Ha! If you ever needed proof that the mainstream media has no interest in being truthful with the American people, just look at them looking the other way while a President of the United States is unquestionably in mental decline on the world stage.


We're not sure Joe can understand the instructions at this point.

We get it. These are run-of-the-mill proclamations that roll out of the White House based on the calendar, but you have to wonder sometimes if they're just flaunting how untouchable they are. Do you believe whoever was drafting this up truly didn't see the irony?

We bet they had themselves a good little laugh in private at the president's expense.

It seems like something that would come straight out of a satire site, but here we are.

Dr. President Jill Biden runs point on the puppet presidency for sure.

We're all aware. Everyone is … except Joe Biden.


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