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Monday Morning Meme Madness

Photo by Chad Madden on Pexels

Welcome back to yet another Monday. Hopefully, most of you don't have to work today and have plans to spend some time with friends and family.

We want to start this very special Monday on a more serious note than usual, recognizing all those who paid the ultimate price defending our nation. These are the heroes who gave everything so we can enjoy the freedoms that come with being Americans, partake of the blessings of our great nation, and yes, even share some laughs with one another. We owe them everything.


In that spirit, let's kick off this Memorial Day Monday with the best memes, jokes, and clips we've gathered from across the fruited plains this week.

Hey, if it's not at home, it's work!

LOL! The man seems haunted by that one.

Speaking of mans-laughter …

Guys are gonna be guys. Frankly, it was a bit of a theme this week.

Hey, there's a reason dudes are the way they are …

… see, it starts from an early age.

It doesn't get any better either. (Language warning)

This is just the way it is. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Is this really just a man thing? We're pretty sure everybody does this.

LOL. Dudes will totally mess with each other one minute and then try to help each other out the next. They don't even have to know each other.



If they weren't, they are now! 😂

That's probably what heaven is going to be like. Just saying.

Ha! Okay, that's good.

Tavaris! What are you doing, bro? LOL.

Y'all are harsh! We like it.

Bwahaha! We'd have to leave.

HAHA! That one is for the cat lovers out there.

(Language warning)

Whoa … South Park does not mess around. 💀

We feel this one deep in our … budgets.


Nope, there are worse options. 😂

Always be careful who you take advice from …

… case closed.


Every bit of this is disturbing and hilarious at the same time.

What do you mean? Of course, it's a T-Rex … … … ohhhhhhh.

Ronnie knew how to deliver a joke.


Every day. Every darn day. You all know. You're right there with us.

Now that is some dark stuff right there.

So, so wrong. 😂

We regret to inform you that we will not, in fact, be taking it higher today.

We have to share Norm when he crosses our path in the vastness of Twitter/X. He always makes us laugh.


This is the appropriate course of action.

LOL. So gross! We really hate those weird cooking videos.


We LOVE her! LOL.


Rob Schneider mulled that joke over in his head for about 2 nanoseconds before the little voice in his head said 'You can do it!'

Our future is grim.

HA! We suggest you never let her see this, Mom.

Another twisted one! 😂


This is the way.

Yeah, you know who you are!


Generally, we share tweets that we saw in the past week but recently we shared a couple of older clips the younger crowd may not be familiar with. We're thinking of making that a regular feature. Just one clip from the before days.

Let us know in the comments if you like the idea or have any favorites you'd like to see.

This one's only a little over 20 years old (yeah, we can't believe it either), but it's still funny.

We are dying! 😂😂😂

LOL. The dude almost drowned in 8 inches of water. Whatever you have planned for this fine Monday, we hope you have better luck than Uncle Larry.

Now go forth and do your Monday things and take some time to honor those who made it possible.

Until we meme again …

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