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Wu … Wut? Private School Parent, Gene Wu's Feud With Corey A. DeAngelis Keeps Getting Weirder

Fuzzy Chimp

A private school parent, Gene Wu, who also sometimes doubles as a virtue-signaling duty-shirking fugitive Texas state representative, seems to really enjoy getting verbally flogged by school choice advocate, Corey A. DeAngelis.


No matter how many times DeAngelis levels Wu with facts, the public school pimping progressive always comes back for more.

This time, Genu Wu resurrected a post from DeAngelis that is so old it was called a 'tweet' when he first posted it.

Does he just troll through 4-year-old tweets from DeAngelis's timeline and decide to randomly post them with bizarre innuendo?

Seriously, this is a bit stalkerish, Gene. Have you considered stamp collecting or some other healthier hobby?

The old post pointed out that allowing education dollars to follow the child would give parents options they've always said they wanted: small, dedicated class size with a well-paid teacher they choose.

Wu's response not only belittles parents who expect more from their tax dollars than the current system delivers but is also downright creepy.

Here comes that rake you ordered, Gene.


Wu makes it so easy and DeAngelis comes armed with receipts.

Wu is the poster child of the anti-school choice politician who wants to funnel every tax dollar you pay for education to public schools while sending their own kids to private schools.

Talk about privilege.

Yes, it's THAT Gene Wu.

Then things got even stranger.

Gene Wu wanted to be sure he wasn't misunderstood. He wasn't commenting on just men, you see.

Record scratch. Let's back that up again. Did he just say … no, that can't be … yep.

It seems Gene needs better friends because this is just messed up.

Sure, there are way too many recent examples of public school teachers raping teenage students, but you have to be a bit messed up to generally believe things get 'weird' when men and women are left alone with kids.


You probably know how well this went with Twitter/X users.

Also, I'd trust a cohort of families to screen their hand-picked educator better than government bureaucracy.

As we said, he always brings the facts. That's some really nice screening you've got there, government schools.

It's classic Gene Wu. That's what it is.

Sometimes, there's only one gif that will work.

All of them?


The vast majority of the replies ranged from 'WHAT?', 'Check his hard drive!', and 'You are creepy, Gene!'

We're pretty sure Gene loves the attention because he keeps doing this to himself.

Gene always tries to rage laugh away these messes he creates for himself.

(And, yes, Twitchy is always here to call him out!)

The best thing about Wu's ability to self-own is that the guy he's calling a dumba** uses him like the tool he is.

For the record, this writer has some firsthand experience with his children in private school and DeAngelis is exactly right. In Ohio, public school students are funded at over $14,500 each. Ohio's EdChoice program only provides a fraction of that amount to high school students using the school choice voucher (about $8,400 and the public school keeps the rest) and the private schools manage to provide a quality education.


DeAngelis uses clowns like Gene Wu to help spread the school choice message, and Wu gladly obliges. Every. Single. Time.

What a dumb … well … you get the idea.

Please elect better people, Texas.

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