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Good Gravy! Corrections Officer Accused of Biscuit Bigotry

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

A New York corrections officer has been accused of racism after posting a joke about the guards of a Georgia jail on social media.

The post shared by Sergeant Michael Bourhill of Westchester County displayed an image of the Georgia Department of Corrections members and the caption 'They must serve some good biscuits and gravy at the Georgia Department of Correction'.


Bourhill shared the photo and commented 'Damn!!'

The post earned Bourhill the attention of the Westchester Correction Association (WCA), which demanded action be taken against the sergeant for his 'deeply racist and demeaning' post.

Racist? Really?

The WCA was ignoring the elephants in the room … er … photo.

It's as simple as that. The joke is that the gargantuan guards are clearly well-fed.

According to the WCA's statement, it seems the primary reason they called the post racist and demanded disciplinary action for Bourhill is because the officers in the photo are 'predominantly Black'.

Umm … that's not racism.

They went on to say:

Regardless if the post implies that Black people eat a lot of biscuits or references the weight of some of the officers in the photo, such posts have no place in our society, let alone within the ranks of law enforcement.

Hold up now. When did biscuits and gravy become a stereotypical food for black folks?


Have they never been to a Cracker Barrel? That place is full of biscuits and gravy … and crackers.

Doesn't everybody love biscuits and gravy?

The WCA statement also said:

As a supervisor, it is important to exercise judgment and sensitivity in order to maintain a respectful and inclusive work environment.

All the words after 'exercise' were unnecessary.

Officer Bourhill is currently under investigation for the post, highlighting just how ridiculous progressives have become.

The people of Twitter/X agreed that the charge of racism was absurd.

Exactly. While fat jokes are largely considered mean, it's hugely inappropriate to conflate fat jokes with the weightier matter of racism. We here at Twitchy, of course, would never make jokes about the heavy topic of obesity and will focus our stories instead on the bigger beefier events of the day.


The 'over consumption of biscuits and gravy'. Man, we love the internet!

Fat check … uh … Fact check: True.

Probably even skinny white people … until they've eaten as many biscuits and gravy as the Georgia Department of Corrections.

Well, biscuits and gravy are white, you know.


Progressives are nuts, y'all … and we're sort of hungry now. Does anyone know where we can get some good biscuits and gravy?

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