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The Left Can't Meme and Apparently Biden Can't Either

Fuzzy Chimp

Somewhere in a dimly lit office featuring Che Guevara posters and Palestinian flags, there's a bedraggled schlub with disheveled clothes, unkempt hair, and dark circles under they/them eyes. Their job? Trying to make 81-year-old Joe Biden cool to Gen Z.


It seems the answer in recent days was to try to hire a meme manager for the Biden campaign.

Please, make it stop.

According to the job ad posted by the campaign, the lucky individual would be responsible for cultivating and managing 'relationships with top digital media companies, podcasters, and meme pages across a number of social media platforms'.

It sounds like the geriatric-to-Gen Z engagement geek would not necessarily be creating the bad memes themself but would instead be trying to work with leftist social media accounts that make bad memes to make more bad memes in coordination with the Biden campaign.

This should go well.

It's settled science at this point.

Accurate. Also, nice monkey.


We'd add that it's hard to meme about people and topics that you truly hate while still being funny. Leftists are just too miserable to make good memers.

Nailed it.

People who actually know how to meme responded.

We can picture a pack of pronoun-ed progressives holding a 'meme seminar' to train would-be Biden memers, snapping their fingers in applause as each 1,500-word meme is revealed.

Sounds about right.

Now that's a brilliant idea!

Imagine if we got the Biden campaign to hire Hollaria Briden to produce memes! LOL.

Ha! NO.



They don't stand a chance. We have all the funny on our side.

The Onion is not funny enough to come up with this idea … because they're leftists.

My dad always said, 'Joey, you've got the best memes anywhere, and don't let anyone tell you differently!' He said that … I'm not kidding … this is not hyperbole.

— Joe Biden, probably

You're hired!

It's confirmed: They ARE the meme.

Honestly, we couldn't ask for anything funnier than an election-year meme war.

At least the 2024 election is guaranteed to be entertaining.

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