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Little Rock Nine: Biden Appears With Black Americans Who Were Blocked From School by Democrats

AP Photo/Ferd Kaufman, File

In his typically divisive fashion, President Biden tweeted a photo of himself with members of The Little Rock Nine, ambiguously accusing 'an insidious few' of being divisive.


We don't have to guess who the 'few' are. It's an election year. He's talking about Republicans and it's the season when Democrats suddenly start messaging to black Americans, a historically reliable voting bloc for the party for decades.

Biden used the courageous actions of the former students as an opportunity to take a cheap shot at his political rivals. Insidious indeed.

Biden, after running on the claim that he would be president 'of all Americans' has been one of the most divisive presidents we've seen, pitting Americans against one another based on race, gender, class, vaccines, and political beliefs.

The effort to disguise the racist history of the Democratic Party has been nothing short of a master class in gaslighting by the modern Democratic Party.


That's right, Joe. Those brave souls you're standing with were blocked from entering a Little Rock school in 1957 by a Democrat governor, Orval Faubus, and his Democrat goons.

No, they weren't Republicans who would later decide to swap names with the Democratic Party. They died Democrats.

Own your history, Democrats.

Faubus ordered the Arkansas National Guard to deploy to the school and prevent the black students from entering. It wasn't until President Eisenhower, a Republican, federalized the Arkansas National Guard and ordered them to protect the students that The Little Rock Nine could attend classes successfully.

Biden's own history would have resulted in any Republican politician being run out of Washington. Instead, they made him president.

Aside from numerous statements that can best be described as casually racist, Biden's opposition to segregated busing in the 1970s came into the spotlight in the 2020 campaign because the aging rake-stepper bragged about how he worked with segregationists. This prompted his primary opponent, Kamala Harris, to nuke Biden on the busing issue during the debate.


That wasn't Biden's only policy position that would be problematic if he didn't have the protection of the Democratic Party's racism invisibility cloak.

I don't think we have to remind you who he was talking about.

No walk down memory lane would be complete without reminding Democrats of their favorite former Klansmen, Robert Byrd.

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton loved them some Bob Byrd.

Yeah, he was in the KKK as a young man, but what's that compared to locking up a senate seat in West Virginia?

This goes a bit too far.

Byrd was not a grand wizard. He was an Exalted Cyclops, essentially a Klan recruiter for his local chapter.

Real nice friend you had there, President Biden.

The vast majority of politically infused racism in the country originated with the Democratic Party, from slavery, the Civil War, political violence, segregation, and Jim Crow.


Much of the existing tension today is the result of the Democratic Party continuing to use race as a wedge issue to divide Americans and create Democrat votes.

It would almost be understandable if we thought they actually believed it.

They don't. It's a political manipulation. They don't care if the country suffers for it if they can gain an advantage at the ballot box.

Retiring Democrats from public office is a great first step towards ending it once and for all.

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