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People Sound Off on AOC's Condemnation of Police Enforcing the Law Against Protesters

AP Photo/Stefan Jeremiah

AOC has condemned 'police enforcement' being called to bring order to college campuses. The correct term is 'law enforcement', but AOC would rather not call attention to the fact that law enforcement can only be involved because these students are breaking the law.


You don't get to do whatever you like on someone else's property. Imagine if someone set up a tent in your backyard and spent all day and all night shouting at your family. The law does not allow that.

Oh no, everyone! She condemns it 'in the strongest possible terms'. We have to laugh because that always means 'I'm not going to do squat about it, or can't, but I want you to know I'm very serious'.

Have you ever seen someone condemn something in the 'weakest possible terms' or 'mildly upset terms'? LOL.

Well, there's a novel idea: Stop breaking the law!

No, it's not. Peaceful protest is legal protest. Targeting Jewish students and obstructing them from freely walking the campus is not peaceful.


Why would they target Chuck Schumer? We just can't quite put our finger on it.

These are the types of people AOC and her Squad encourage.

We heard there was someone several blocks from campus who felt their life was in danger. Maybe that will sway her.

Anything resembling condemnation of Hamas from AOC has been rare, but illegal protests fueled by hate for Israel really riles her up.

'But that was not on campus!' they'll tell you. 'Those are people infiltrating our peaceful protests!'

Okay, throw them out. We don't believe you.

(Yes, we just shared a tweet from Michael Rapaport. This may be the weirdest timeline yet.)

It seems as though your anger is misplaced, AOC.


To be fair, they may be calling for peaceful murder.

AOC is defending the modern-day equivalent of the people screaming at The Little Rock Nine.

There was a time when this kind of behavior was called 'insurrection'. That time was last week.

Couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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