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Monday Morning Meme Madness

Fuzzy Chimp (Adapted from Image by Alexa from Pixabay)

Last week was crazy, y'all. We hope this week is better, but we definitely need to get it started with some laughs because we always need more laughs.

So let's get this Monday rolling with some of the funniest memes, jokes, and clips that crossed our timelines in the past week!


It's gonna be a LONG Monday if you slept like that last night!

Dudes are weird.

HAHA! Is it fast though???


HAHA! We've all had THAT Monday.

True story.

LOL. Checks out.

DANG! She's throwing shade right before he says 'I do'.

LOL! We're afraid your son is addicted to sucrose, ma'am.

That is just great right there. LOL.

Yuck. Ha!

Hey! Why are y'all snapping pics of us heading into the theaters? LOL.


Yes, some people do say it that way.

Nice delivery, young lady!

Yes, please!


We know you watched that one a few times! 😂

'Say hello to my little friend.'

Yeah, you're not getting away with it that easy, Kam Kam.

This explains so much!

LOL. Yep!

You probably saw that one coming, didn't you?

She's back! We loved the goldfish one at the end!


Same, bro. Same.

The Mona Lisa looks like Greta Thunberg at the 38-second mark. 😂



Ladies, feel free to call us dumb now. We can't really argue after that one.

(Still … would.)

LOL. You wrong for that.

We all learn eventually.


Looks safe … 😬

He sort of deserved that. We bet he had no regrets … well maybe two.

Is there anything Bidenomics can't destroy? 😂


Okay, that dude deadpanned that one perfectly. Well done.

Oh no! 😂




We are dying over here! 😂😂😂

Folks … if you watched that one without at least smiling, your Monday is doomed. LOL.


We. Are. Dead. 💀💀💀

Alright, folks, you can either lurk in the shadows of this Monday, just barely eking by … or … you can get out there and do something as awesome as buying yourself 44 pounds of cheese!

We say go for it!

Until we meme again …

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