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Will Stancil's Mischaracterization of Opposition to Transgender Activism BACKFIRES

Fuzzy Chimp

Will Stancil, a candidate for the Minnesota House, was likely looking for a reaction when he posted his narrow-minded accusation on Twitter/X against opponents of the recent push to force the normalization of transgenderism on society.


Will got the attention he was seeking, and we couldn't help but laugh at how angry he got as a result. What were you expecting, dude?

It's not exactly like Stancil put forward a well-reasoned argument in support of his transgender activism. He lobbed a bad-faith grenade into the Twittersphere (X-osphere?), completely mischaracterizing the opposition and calling them broken.

He even doubled down more directly:

Nobody spends every waking minute worried about trans people. In fact, most of us would prefer not to think about it all, but people like Will Stancil decided we should be forced to comply with every aspect of their ideology.

And, yes, even kindergarteners know the difference between boys and girls. That's why folks like Will are trying to indoctrinate them early. The normal state of sex and gender is clear.

What Stancil is employing here is the typical (perhaps only?) playbook of the modern leftist. Any opposition to their worldview is blamed on 'hate' and 'bigotry'. It's convenient for Will because there's no obligation to debate a hateful person.


It's a lazy, unthinking person's tactic that plays on people's desire to be polite.

Well, guess what, Will? It's not working anymore.

The feedback came fast and hit hard. Will Stancil did not like it.

It's almost like the sudden attempt to upend centuries of societal norms in the U.S. actually does affect people more than a little, Will.

It does, and Will's denial of that is just beyond comprehension.

Transgenderism is not new, and most of us were happy to ignore adults doing what they want until they told women they had to entertain men in their restrooms, men to shut up and accept them in your wives' and daughters' private spaces, parents to sit back while they attempted to indoctrinate your children at school, girls to take a back seat to boys in sporting competitions, women that womanhood is not real, society to confirm basic untruths by demanding the use of inaccurate pronouns, and everyone to look the other way while pro-transgender extremists opened the floodgates to irreversible medical procedures on confused children.

So 'little'.


Yeah, we've all been affected now, Will. Maybe you shouldn't have done that?


It's hard to believe Stancil even believes his own claim about the effect on society. The opposition to transgender activism is not exactly a 'far-right' position any longer, even though Stancil tries to paint it that way. It has boiled over into non-right-leaning populations, becoming a point of contention with many traditional feminists.

It's always amazing how those holding themselves up as the gatekeepers of empathy fail so miserably to understand their opponents might have reasonable objections.

Yes, if you have a daughter, and you're told that a man (those are the ones with penises) is now allowed in her locker room and a boy is now allowed to compete with her in the sport she's been working at for years to excel at so she can earn a college scholarship, it sort of becomes your business in a big way.


That is the overriding impact to all of society by the radical transgender activists: An assault on reality.

Yes, it matters to be told you must deny reality. Nobody should be expected to do that.

The truth is simple: It is not normal to feel as though you are a girl when you have a penis or a boy when you have a vagina. That's it. Nothing more. Every honest person should be able to agree with that basic premise.

How we respond to and help people who find themselves in that unfortunate predicament is the question at hand, and for Will Stancil to pretend that any opposition to his approach is based on hate is simply dishonest.

Eh, no biggie. Just shut up and ignore it, right?

We really didn't care. That was before the Will Stancils of the world decided we would be made to care.

Mission accomplished?



LOL. Yep, it appears they're just going to double down harder. That's not going to end well for them.

Stancil got a bit flustered at the response and revealed something unsurprising about himself: He acts like the person who accuses you of being.

Yes, transgenderism is not normal.

Stancil adds in the 'repulsed by trans people' part to further his 'you're just bigots' tactic.

The vast majority of people are not 'repulsed' by a kid who is confused about his or her gender. We feel sorry for them and would prefer they get help from someone other than a chemical-pushing activist who has an incentive to create more trans people. We are repulsed by people like that.

'They assume everyone's hearts are as black and hateful as theirs.'


Pot, meet Kettle.

When challenged on his claim that there is a 'hate mob' of anti-trans bigots, Stancil responded in the hypocritical fashion we've come to expect from many on the Left.

Yeah, we see you Mr. Stancil. While accusing others of being bigoted, he paints entire portions of the country as uneducated rubes.

Perhaps Will Stancil needs to revisit the meaning of the word 'bigotry'.

Stancil really didn't like a sarcastic shot leveled at him by Chris Rufo, and there probably were some women thinking, 'Hold on Chris, don't compare me to this dude', but it did rile Stancil enough to make him admit what we already knew.


'I hate these people and their prejudice.' He could have just left it at the 'prejudice' he imagines in his opponents, but he chose his words on purpose. He hates 'these people'. Maybe he should wonder if there’s something broken deep within himself.

Hate, you see, is the perfect weapon for those who can't defend their ideas. It's abhorrent to be hateful, unless, of course, you're hating those you've deemed to be hateful. In that case, being hateful is a virtue.

How convenient for Will Stancil.

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