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Congressman Ro Khanna Gets SCHOOLED on the 'Basic Economics' of Caitlin Clark's WNBA Contract


California representative, Ro Khanna, received a much-needed education on basic economics from Twitter/X users.

It all started when Khanna complained about the size of the WNBA contract for rookie women's basketball phenom, Caitlin Clark.


According to the congressman, it is 'wrong' for Clark to make significantly less money than men in the NBA make.

It didn't take long for people to shatter his argument.

The first one that got Khanna's attention addressed the elephant in the room: The WNBA does not have a large fan base.

You stepped in that one, Ro. If the congressman was a huge WNBA fan, he could easily shut the question down by detailing his monetary support for the league.

Instead, it became painfully obvious that Khanna was running his mouth about something he knew nothing about.


LOL! He just admitted he doesn't even watch, but he thinks WNBA salaries should be set based on hope.

'Isn't this basic economics?'


Indeed, he does not.

Khanna seems to be generally clueless about the economic realities facing the WNBA (or he's just virtue signaling).

First, there is a market for women's sports. That is, there is a group of people who are willing to pay to be entertained by women's sports and the WNBA in particular. The problem is that the market is not very big.

So there's just a huge market for men's sports? Probably not.

There is, however, a huge market for people who want to see the best athletes in the world compete against one another. That is, not many people care about seeing 'the men' play in the NBA as much as they care about seeing the best play.


WNBA players are certainly candidates to be among the top basketball players in the world, but none of them are. That's just reality. That leaves them depending on the market of people who want to see the best women play basketball - and it's not a big market, so they don't have nearly the money available to pay salaries.

The WNBA is a women's league.

The NBA is not a men's league.

If a woman appeared on the basketball scene and was a freak of nature who could dunk on LeBron, shoot like Larry Bird, and had the style of Michael Jordan, she would play in the NBA among the best players in the world. Oh, and she'd earn an NBA salary that rivaled the best.

She'd also fly to away games on her rainbow-colored unicorn.


'The problem is that there are more people who want to complain about WNBA salary disparities than there are who actually want to watch the WNBA.'

Nailed it.

Amazing, isn't it? The guy's asking if this isn't just basic economics while also claiming there doesn't have to be any demand for the WNBA product to justify paying them NBA salaries.

You're the reason WNBA players are paid what they are, Representative Khanna, and that's just fine. You don't have to like the WNBA. Most people don't, or at least aren't interested.


And a ratio it was. Not anything like the ratio of WNBA salaries compared to NBA salaries, but a ratio nonetheless.


This is how you get members of Congress chanting about raising the minimum wage to $20.

They lack a basic understanding of economics or maybe just refuse to recognize economic realities to try to win votes.

It's a scary thought.

LOL. Well played.

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