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Monday Morning Meme Madness

Fuzzy Chimp

IT'S MONDAY! There's been so much talk of World War III this week that it could be our last Monday.

Nah, we'll be fine, but it's probably a good idea to get the week started off with some laughs, so let's check out some of the funniest memes, jokes, and clips we found last week.


Oh, yeah … it's also tax day. LAUNCH THE NUKES! Just kidding.

Speaking of starting World War III …


The week also brought us the … umm … last drop of O.J. and people had thoughts.




Yes, please.


As mentioned previously, Twitter/X erupted with fears of World War III.

Looks like fun. 😬

Hey, you have to look for those silver linings!

HAHA! Yep, it was a bit like that.

We're not sure why, but we got a lot of prank scare clips this week, and they cracked us up!


LOL. That last lady involuntarily did the Michael Jackson Thriller dance.

The dude that hit the door and fell down … 💀


Now, that's just funny right there. That's a solid 'good son' win right there.


It didn't go all that well for Tiger, but at least we got some memes.


Dudes will talk each other into doing some crazy stuff. 😂😂😂

It was a wake up in the morning and scream your lungs out kind of week.

One more bonus joke from Ruth:


LOL. Perfect.

That one was … nuts.

Sorry, had to be done. 😂

'Talk to the log and explain what's about to happen to make sure it's properly prepared.' 💀💀💀

Nicely done!

That's dad joke territory right there. We laughed.


LOL. That's good.

Mind. Blown.

The struggle is real. 😂

Hey, he stuck the landing!

LOLOLOL! You have to take out a second mortgage to buy LEGOs.


The look on the sheriff deputy's face … LOL.

They had to work for that one!

We're not crazy about gender reveal parties, but if you're gonna have one, this is the way. 😂


We laughed way too hard at that one. This is why we love you folks. We know you laughed too.


LOL. Hey, if a crazy liberal is gonna make death threats, we can at least use her to make funny memes.

That … is … dark. 😂

That dude was SO close to wiping out any chance of his future offspring being this dumb.


LOLOLOL! We're not sure anyone's gonna eat that, dude.

We were genuinely surprised this week to find ourselves actually laughing at Saturday Night Live.

You have to admit, that one's pretty funny! 😂

HAHA! Leslie Nielson was awesome.

That's sort of how Monday feels sometimes.

You know who you are out there!

LOLOLOL! That's some quick thinking by the dad to get some laughs.

Go get all the laughs you can on this Monday. Someone in your life is sure to need them!

Until we meme again …

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