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Make It Stop: Pennsylvania Biden Voters Attempt to CRINGE People Into Voting Trump (WATCH)


This one's almost physically painful to watch … so we thought we'd share. LOL. You know you still love us!

It's one of the cringiest election-year videos we've seen yet. A house full of awkwardly gyrating libs, dressed like the humanities faculty lounge of a state college, is led by a screechy white liberal den mother in cliched election threats we've all heard since we first noticed politics.


LOL, they do give off that vibe.

It's the version of Hell where you'd beg for fire.

That's what we thought!


LOL. She did. She followed it up by playing the 'He's gonna take your Social Security benefits' card. These people will tell you in the next breath that YOU'RE selfish because you want to pay fewer taxes.


That's exactly how we felt watching this.


There's definitely a 'Hate Has No Home Here' sign in the yard.


That's the thing, folks. We had a nasty primary. Some love Trump. Some hate Trump. Then there's a middle who will never hate Trump nor love Trump, but they can be convinced to vote against Biden.

You're not going to win votes by shaming those people, the candidate they supported, or claiming they're not patriots. It would be wise to just leave it alone and depend on rooms of annoying dancing liberals to convince them to vote against Biden.


Leftists are pretty good at turning people off. Just let them work their magic.


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