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The Word Wizard, J.K. Rowling, Destroys Biological Absurdity in One Hilarious Tweet

Fuzzy Chimp

J.K. Rowling is a treasure. She consistently cuts through the noise and exposes the illogical underpinnings of the transgender movement.

In this example, Rowling responds to a critic who claims 'there's no real importance of biological sex', presumably because most of us haven't had our chromosomes tested to know what we are. Instead, we blindly fumble through life making wild assumptions about whether we're men or women based on the genitals hanging … or not … from our bodies. It's like the dark ages!


Ummm … 'biological sex' is pretty darn important for many reasons.


We. Are. Dead. 💀

This is the way. People need to stop acting like these positions should be taken seriously.

Have you taken a pregnancy test, dude? LOL.

They don't hate J.K. Rowling because she's pushing back against their women-destroying ideology. They hate her because she does it so effectively … and she's hilarious.

That's crazy! That's been our experience too!


We'd watch it. You'd have to file it under 'Comedy'.

LOL. She's relentless.

She nailed it.

We're old enough to remember when it was the in thing to point out that girls can play with trucks and boys can use the Easy-Bake oven because those things don't define your gender.

Now that men have decided they can become women, they've flipped the script and demand that we agree that any dude who does the right 'womanly' things is actually a woman.


We're not playing.

Is it being clever and sophisticated or is it that they believe they are better than the rest of us? We've been sold the lie that refusing to accept anyone's fantasy is hateful. This is what allows these people to send a man in a dress into your kid's kindergarten class and believe they're the good ones.

LOL. The science is much more clear when you see it diagrammed out like that.



LOLOLOL! Congratulations, Neil!

Keep going, queen! We love it.


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