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Alyssa Milano and Other Self-Important Celebs Ask Biden for a Ceasefire

Fuzzy Chimp

Do you know who is most qualified to provide the President United States guidance on the situation in Israel following the Hamas terrorist attack?


That's right! It's the lady who played Tony Danza's daughter on 'Who's the Boss'. Or, maybe it's the guy who pretended to be a nerdy Hulk. Oh! It's gotta be the chick who played a doctor on Grey's Anatomy!

Or … maybe the geopolitical opinions of professional pretenders aren't worth any more than ours … and probably less.

The big difference is that Milano and crew just happen to be self-absorbed narcissists who believe their opinions carry some extra weight because they are famous for playing make-believe.

How would we ever survive without the insight of people trained in drama?

These are all going to be quote tweets, by the way, because Milano is so secure in her opinions that she locks down replies.

We have some suggestions for where Hollywood can file their demands.



We can't wait for the PSA video.

Imagine the montage of washed-up actor after washed-up actor, repeating the same lines.

'We demand … We demand … demand … demand … DEMAND! A ceasefire … a ceasefire … cease … fire … ceasefire … A CEASEFIRE!'

We can practically see it. LOL.


We searched for Milano's tweets about the murders of over 1,400 Jews on October 7. You'll be shocked to learn that we didn't find any.

She did have this classic tweet that looked like a creepy engagement photo shoot.


That was back when she wasn't mad at Biden for supporting Israel (so far) and was trying to help cover up his creepy handsy behavior with women.

Wouldn't the world be so much simpler for terrorists if they could commit mass murder, go hide in the nearest residential neighborhood, and get everyone to declare the fighting to be over because someone might get hurt?

That's what Milano and her crew of know-nothings are asking Israel to do. 'Just suck it up and try to get over your murdered babies.'

Anything short of the full surrender of Hamas is just setting up Israel for another mass murder that Hollywood can ignore.

Of course, there's always another option …

How's that for a demand, Ms. Micelli?

Israel gets to wipe out every last Hamas dirtbag they can find. Maybe you should all be calling for that, and for the innocent Palestinians to do everything in their power to expel Hamas from Gaza.


If you haven't noticed, a lot of people in Hollywood don't exactly have the most put-together lives.

Seems reasonable.


Do you know why this is funny? The strike ended in September and nobody knows because nobody outside of Hollywood cared.

This is just too funny!

Nailed it.

Ukraine: 'Escalate! Escalate! ESCALATE!'

Hamas: 'Descalate! Descalate! DESCALATE!'

How about this: People who get attacked have the right to fight their attackers, whether it's Vladimir Putin or Hamas.


LOL. Exactly. Imagine being as full of yourself as these Hollywood libs.


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