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All Lives Matter? Rashida Tlaib's Gaza gaslighting backfires spectacularly

AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib

The situation in Gaza is horrendous.

The collateral deaths of innocent Palestinian men, women, and children are heartbreaking, which is exactly why Hamas continues to use them as human shields and prevents people from fleeing the warzone.


Rashida Tlaib is utterly unwilling to lay the blame for the crisis in Israel squarely where it belongs: Hamas terrorists and their Palestinian enablers.

Those who actually care about peace for those Palestinians trapped by Hamas and those who aren't consumed with the destruction of the Jews should be loudly denouncing Hamas and calling for their end among the Palestinian population.

What does Tlaib have to say?

Maybe Tlaib chose to unload on the terrorist group from her official account as a member of the United States House of Representatives …

Well, that's odd.

Surely she called out Hamas in her recent statements on the horrific attack against innocent civilians in Israel?

Nope, we checked. It's not there either.

Why won't she do that?

To be clear, we don't think those of us who support Israel's right to defend itself should equate all Palestinians with Hamas terrorists. There are millions who, by sheer circumstance of birth, are stuck under Hamas's rule and endangered by their hateful acts.


Rashida Tlaib, on the other hand, refuses to distinguish between Hamas and the Palestinian people.

She did.

Her first press release following the massacre of Israeli civilians grieved 'the Palestinian and Israeli lives lost' and then went on to blame the 'apartheid government' that caused the conditions that led to 'resistance'.

Why won't she condemn Hamas?

Because she believes their actions are justified.

How about 'from the river to the sea, make Gaza Hamas-free'?

What's wrong with that approach, congresswoman Tlaib?

There is clearly no line for Rashida Tlaib.

Hamas depends on people like Tlaib and other Western sympathies to make their murderous tactics successful.

Imagine seeing your citizens slaughtered in their homes, at bus stops, in their cars, and at a concert and then the world telling you you're not allowed to respond because the terrorists are putting yet more innocents in harm's way.


She's seen the light!

Nope, it's just that shielding Hamas from reaping the rewards of sowing terrorism is just more important.

Yeah, we're pretty sure she doesn't actually mean she now values 'all human life'.

It's not a very difficult request.

We're not going to hold our breath.

We doubt Tlaib got the message, but this clearly wasn't going so well for her.

Nobody's buying it anymore.


Suddenly, she's concerned about all lives.

And by the sole member of Congress whose condemnation of Hamas and call to release the hostages would be most meaningful.



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